Twórczość moich klientów: Opowiadanie “Home Sweet Home”

Witajcie, bardzo dawno nic tutaj nie publikowałam, a dziś przydarzyła się idealna okazja. Chciałabym zaprezentować Wam opowiadanie, którego autorem jest Adam, mój klient/uczeń (nie wiem jak mówić więc niech będzie właśnie tak).
Zamysł był taki, żeby użyć w tekście jak najwięcej przydatnych fraz/zdań, które ostatnio omawialiśmy. Pogrubiłam je.
Opowiadanie jest z twistem, uśmiejecie się. 

Proszę bardzo:

“Home sweet home”

‘Buggy, our town has been closed. For now they announced a quarantine for the period of two weeks. What will we do?’ said Buggy’s twin brother. ‘Off the top of my head it’s difficult to figure something out but I’m sure of one thing. We have to get away from this place. We should leave this place for one simple reason. We don’t have sufficient supplies and immunity to stay here until the end of the quarantine. If we stay here we will die,’ said Buggy decisively. ‘You didn’t see that coming! I’ve warned you that we should be more quiet or they would disrupt our plans. What were the odds?! You spent too much time outside and these are the effects!’ said his brother. ‘No offence, but you only complain and seat in this safe place. I did it my way. At least I try to go outside as often as possible and meet weak people to persuade them to cooperate with us. Without that we will starve here and die. Let’s get it over with. It’s a right time to find a new friend and get out from this trap,’ said Buggy and moved to the exit door which led to the sewer system. ‘I’ve gotta run some errands and then we will leave this town,’ said Buggy and got out of the room. He came back a few hours later with a smile on his face. ‘We are lucky. I’ve found the right person and I’ve prepared our escape. We will start our trip tomorrow. So, save the date and get some sleep before because it will be an exhausting trip,’ said Buggy, then he lied down and fell asleep. The next day was perfect for an escape because it was cloudy and rainy. Buggy and his brother got out of the room and swam through the sewer system to the drain pit which was located in the nearest police station. ‘Do you see this policeman with a red band on his left arm? This is our friend who will help us break quarantine roadblocks,’ said Buggy. ‘I don’t like it. He looks too good. It will be a high risk. Better safe than sorry! We have to find another person,’ said the brother. ‘Check your prejudice at the door. There’s nothing left to do. We have to do this. Our friend is an officer responsible for carrying medical samples from the town’s hospital to laboratories outside the quarantine zone. That’s why he is one of the last people who will leave the town before the final close,’ said Buggy. ‘Ok, let’s do it,’ said the brother. ‘There’s something else I’d like to talk to you about. We will do it differently this time. Do you see that black mug on the table? It will be our ticket to escape,’ said Buggy. It took them a few hours to move from the drain pit to the edge of the black mug. ‘Now we only have to wait patiently,’ said Buggy. The policeman with the red band was so busy that he forgot about the coffee which he made for himself in the morning. He was ready to carry new samples of sick people and come back to the laboratory. Suddenly, he felt thirsty, grabbed the black mug and drank the cold coffee from it. ‘Yuck! I hate cold coffee,’ said the policeman and went out of the police station. ‘Home sweet home!’ Buggy told his twin brother as they were flowing with cold coffee via policeman throat to his stomach. ‘It’s time to start a party. I suggest we multiply ourselves but not too quickly, to extend the time of incubation,’ said Buggy. ‘You are right, as always, Buggy,’ said the twin brother.